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Panmunjom's Location

Panmunjom is located inside the Demillitarized Zone (DMZ), and it is the most forward location in the DMZ that can be visited by civilians. The administrative address is Kyunggido Pajusi Jinseo myun Neolumri (for the South Korean portion), and Keasung jikhalsi Panmunjoon Panmunjomli (for the North Korean side). Although Panmunjom is the common name do the area, the official name of the negotiating site is the Joint Security Area (JSA). Panmunjom is located in the western pottionjof the 155-mile long DMZ on the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and it demonstrates the great sorrow of the divided country. Pnamunjom is located 62 kilometers of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and 215 Kilometers south of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, 10 Kilometers from Keasong.

The History of Panmunjom

The name of Panmunjom can be traced back to the time of original Armistice negotiations between of UNC and the Communist force. Before the Armistice negotiations, there were only four thatch-roofed huts, including an inn in the Panmunjom area. The inn was resting stop for people who traveled between Seoul and Sinjiju. Previously, the name of this town was "Neolmun-li", which means "wooden gate" in the pure Korean language. The story behind that name is very interesting. Many years ago, the King of Korea visited this area and wanted to across the rivever, but there was no bridge. So these good people in town removed their wooden house gates and made a bridge that enabled the King to continue on his way. It was only when the armistice negotiations moved to his location from Kaesong city that the place was called "Panmunjom". This was done out of courtesy for the representatives from the Communist Chinese Army. Three Chinese characters were written on the signboard of the inn : "Pan" means wood board, "Mun" means gate or door and "jom" means store. Panmunjom is located inside the De militarized Zone(DMZ) and it is the most forward location in the DMZ that can be visited by civilian. The administrative address is Kyeonggi-do Paju-si Jinseo-myun Neolmun-li(for South Korea portion), and Kaesung-jikhalsi Panmun-gun Panmun-ri(for North Korea side).


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