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▶ JSA(Joint Security Area)

During the Korean War, the truce talks took place one kilometer north of the present Joint Security Area, four thatch-roofed in houses, 3 temporary building set up specufucally for the meeting. three Quonset huts were the only structures found in the truce village. The village was moved to an approximately circular area a 800 meters in diameter in the middle of the DMZ, Panmunjom today. In JSA there are 24 main buldings (including a row of seven Quonset huts) across the MDL.

▶ Peace House

The large gray building is the Republic of Korea's Peace House. It was constructed in 1985 to house talks between North and South that were not Armictice related.

▶ Military Armistice Commission Conference Hall

Based on the Armistice Agreement, Military Armistice Commssion Conference Hall is used as a consultation point for oversight of the agreement, relaxation of tension on the Korean Penensula, and maintenance of peace. At the meeting point here, a meeting of the military committee, where the officers and seniors meet, Secretary-level meetings, and the meeting of staff officers uner the colonel are held.

▶ Bridge of No Return

Located in the Joint Security Area(JSA), the so-callde "Bridge of No Return" crosses the Military Demarcation Line(MDL) between North and South Korea. It was used for prisoner exchanges at the end of the Korean War in 1953. The name originates from the claim that many war prisoners to be captured by the United States did not wish to return hometown. The prisoners were brought to the bridge and given the choice to remain in the country of their captivity or cross over to the other country. However, if they chose to cross the bridge, they would never be allowed to return and hence the name.

▶ Freedom House

Freedom House was built in 1998 in the area of Panmunjom Security Area.The building was built for the purpose of reunion for the separated family of North and South Korea, but is has never been used for this purpose. The South-North Red Cross Contact Office is established and is used as a facility for supporting inter-Korean liaison and various inter-Korean talks, contacts, and exchanges.

▶ Ax Murder Incidents Area

The axe murder incident(Panmunjom ax murder incident) was the killing of two United States Army officers by North Korean Soldiers on August 18, 1976, in the Joint Security Area(JSA) located in the Korean Demilitarized Zone(DMZ). The U.S. Army officers had been taken part in a work cutting down a poplar tree in the JSA that was alleged to have been blocking the view of United Nations Command(UNC) observers. The incident is also known alternatively as the hatchet incident, the poplar tree incident, and "The Tree Trimming Incident".

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