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미리보는 판문점
관광불가 국가
관광시 주의사항
판문점 투어예약
제3땅굴 + DMZ 개요
미리보는 제3땅굴+DMZ
제3땅굴 투어 예약
제2땅굴 개요
제2땅굴  투어 예약
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  • You must carry your passport on tour day

  • When you arrive at Conference room, do not touch any equipment such as microphone or flags belonging to the communist side.

  • Do not speak with, make any gesture toward or in any way, approach or respond to personnel from the other side. Sometimes military or other official considerations prevent entry into the Joint Security Area.

  • Casual clothes such as jeans and sandal(slippers) are not permitted in the tour area, Shaggy or unkempt hair is not allowed either.

  • Children under 11 years are not allowed.

  • Please be at Joong Ang Express Tour desk at Hotel President, 7th floor before tour departs.